Week 3 College Football Predictions

One Week 3 college football game is already wrapped up. The Miami Hurricanes took care of business last night with a 33-17 victory over No. 14 Georgia Tech. There is a lot of talk in the sports world about Miami and how they are on their way back to national prominence. There are a few games this weekend that catch my eye. Let’s take a look at who is playing and my final score predictions.

The biggest game of the week is not a matchup between two Top 10 teams like last week’s USC vs. OSU game. This week we have a good ole SEC rivalry game: unranked Tennessee Volunteers vs. No.1 Florida Gators. Tennessee doesn’t have the firepower on offense or speed on defense that the Gators have, but Lane Kiffin has made a big deal of this game during the offseason so you know the Gators will be ready for it, just like they were ready for UGA in 2008. CBS picked this game up so the entire nation will get a chance to see what unfolds in The Swamp.

Another game I’m looking forward to is Texas Tech vs. No. 2 Texas. The Red Raiders don’t have Graham Harrell or Michael Crabtree anymore, and in fact, they aren’t even ranked heading into this game… but that doesn’t mean the Longhorns aren’t out for vengeance. You can guarantee they remember that last second touchdown that handed them defeat in 2008 and cost the Longhorns an opportunity to play in the national championship.

So let’s take a look at my predictions for some of the weekend’s games:

Tennessee 10 – Florida 56
Texas Tech 14 – Texas 49
Nebraska 31 – Virginia Tech 21
Ohio State 17 – Toledo 14
Florida State 20 – BYU 35

What are your predictions for this weekend’s big games? Post a comment below and let me know.